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Operating system: All versions of Windows currently supported by Microsoft including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Server editions.  Macintosh users, click here.
Disk space required: 100 Megabytes

Processor speed: There is no requirement for a minimum processor speed.

Printers: FoodWorks is designed for use with laser and ink jet printers.

Network server installation: FoodWorks can be installed on network servers when an Unlimited Site License is purchased.  Network installation features include user data redirection and remote database placement.  A complete network server installation guide is provided to all Unlimited Site License holders.  Contact Support for more information about your specific network needs by clicking the Contact Us tab at the top of this page.

No third-party database engines, frameworks, or software are required to run FoodWorks.

FoodWorks catalog number: FD-32

FoodWorks ISBN: 1-89221-00-X


Technical Support

Technical support for FoodWorks will no longer be available after closure.  Until closure, it will be available only by email to nutrico@mindspring.com.


Training is not technical support.  Users learn how to use FoodWorks by reading the "ShowMe" tutorials on the FoodWorks Help menu.  The "ShowMe" tutorials are step-by-step walk-throughs that guide users through the process of learning to use FoodWorks.  Telephone training is available by appointment only and is a paid consulting service at the price of $75 dollars per hour payable by credit card at the time of the appointment.  Contact technical support for information or to schedule an appointment.


To visit our Technical Support Knowledge Base, click here.

To visit our knowledge base of prospective users' Frequently Asked Questions, click here.




FoodWorks is a Windows software application and is guaranteed to function only on Windows PCs running the Windows operating system.  Therefore, the Nutrition Company cannot support the use of FoodWorks on a Macintosh due to the many variables at work in the Macintosh run-time environment including the particular Macintosh hardware, the Mac OS in use, and the solution you choose for running Windows programs on your Macintosh.  Still, a significant number of Macintosh owners are successfully using FoodWorks on Macintosh computers that have special software installed for running Windows applications (such as Parallels, Boot Camp, or Fusion).  To find information on these solutions, use your web browser to search for them by name.


IMPORTANT: The various solutions above depend on many variables including the Macintosh model, the processor type, the Mac OS version, the type of Windows application, and the version of Windows.  In all cases, additional cost for a Windows license may be incurred.  The Nutrition Company cannot guarantee that any combination will prove suitable for running FoodWorks on a Macintosh, and therefore cannot provide technical support FoodWorks on a Macintosh.  We urge prospective users to compare the costs of the solutions above with the cost of an inexpensive PC, which is sometimes a less costly and more reliable alternative.