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About FoodWorks


FoodWorks (copyright 1997-2020) is nutrient analysis software for Windows including Windows 7, 8, 10, and servers. This full-featured software is designed for use by professionals working in nutrition research, nutrient database development, dietetics, client counseling, fitness and weight control, food service, recipe development, healthcare, and nutrition education. FoodWorks uses a simple, intuitive food selection process that allows even beginners to quickly master the art of nutrient analysis. Tasks from simple analysis of a recipe to complex multiple-day cycle menus are easily performed.  FoodWorks is the offspring of a rich ancestry of analytical software dating back to 1979.  Nearly four decades of effort and experience have resulted in the current edition of FoodWorks.


FoodWorks performs all of the tasks required of a full-featured nutrient analysis software program from recipe analysis and scaling to recall analysis and menu development.  In addition, FoodWorks' unique data base system allows you to not only develop your own database of foods or ingredients that are important to your business, but to export them to other programs for expanded functionality.  If you are involved in research studies, you can export subject analyses to spreadsheet software (such as Microsoft Excel) for pre-processing, or to statistical software (such as SPSS or JMP).  FoodWorks also can import data from spreadsheets.


FoodWorks includes the new Frequently Used Foods list which prompts you as you search, displaying matching foods you've chosen before.  It also includes the Nutrient Preview which displays nutrient values while you select a food, making it easier to select the best portion. The Analysis Quick Reference shows you a "real time" view of your current analysis project. See your analysis results update instantly as you add foods, or change analysis settings. This display includes numerical nutrient values and a bar graph comparison to the selected dietary standard.  In addition, FoodWorks includes all of the features of previous editions of FoodWorks plus new features and functions.  For a full list of features, click the Features link at the top of this page.


Who uses FoodWorks?

FoodWorks is used in every area of nutrition. The family of FoodWorks users includes universities, secondary schools, research installations, nutrition professionals in private practice, hospitals and healthcare facilities, wellness centers, publishers, food service operations, corporations, and government agencies (including WIC centers, correctional facilities, the military services, VA caregivers, USDA Cooperative Extension, and agencies on aging). FoodWorks is used by thousands of nutrition professionals in more than 40 countries around the world.

FoodWorks Is So Simple To Use!
For diets, just select foods eaten and personal data (age, gender, height, weight, etc.). For menus and recipes, simply select the foods or ingredients used. FoodWorks will generate the information you need with ease!  The on-screen help functions and the exclusive "ShowMe" tutorials will guide you step-by-step through all the analysis tasks you need to perform.

FoodMate, the free companion program to FoodWorks, is included in your FoodWorks CD-ROM or download.  It's a mini-FoodWorks that your clients or students can use.  Any computer that can run FoodWorks can run FoodMate Simply give each of your clients or students a copy of FoodMate to use on their computers and they will be able to perform their own dietary recalls and email the results to you for final analysis using FoodWorks. There is no limit to the number of FoodMate programs you can distribute to your clients. You can burn FoodMate CDs, copy FoodMate onto your client's USB memory device, purchase FoodMate CD's from The Nutrition Company, or we can even provide you with a downloadable file that you can post on your website (or on any FTP website such as HighTail.com) for your clients to download.  FoodMate is simple to use and easy to learn. Your clients can use it anywhere they can use their computer, not just when connected to the Internet. And best of all it is FREE with your FoodWorks software.


How does FoodWorks compare?

To see a complete list of FoodWorks features, click the "Features" link, above.  You also can click here to see a side-by-side comparison of features, technical specifications, and pricing between FoodWorks and the competition.


Order now and get the latest data, the newest capabilities, and (best of all) the same low price.  You can choose to receive FoodWorks via direct download to your computer (with no shipping fee), or via physical delivery of a CD-ROM to your mailbox (for a nominal shipping fee). FoodWorks has saved the nutrition community more than $3 million over similar competing software products. What will you do with the money you save?


Are you already a FoodWorks user?

You can upgrade to the current version of FoodWorks.  Click here to see information about upgrades.