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Welcome to The Nutrition Company, creators and publishers of the FoodWorks nutrition analysis software.


FoodWorks 18 is the current and final edition.


FoodWorks ® is a registered trademark of The Nutrition Company.

FoodWorks 18th Edition, copyright © 1997-2020 by The Nutrition Company


Nutrition Company software has been tested for use on all currently supported Windows operating systems including Windows 7, 8, and 10.  For Macintosh computers, click here.


Need technical support? With more than three decades of experience developing nutrition software, we've probably heard your question before.  Visit our Knowledge Base to find out!

EDUCATORS - FoodWorks has been used in university classroom environments as well as high school health curricula since its debut in 1997.  We celebrate more than two decades of supporting the education community.  Click the FoodWorks tab above for more information about FoodWorks.


The Nutrition Company was founded in 1979 for the purpose of supporting and performing research in the field of applied nutrition, and developing nutrient analysis and nutrition education computer software. Throughout our nearly four-decade history, we have remained a leading producer and publisher of nutrition software. Our professional and educational software is in use throughout the United States, Canada, and more than 45 other nations around the world. Our FoodWorks nutrient analysis software is the result of a rich ancestry of analytical software and is used by universities, secondary schools, research installations, nutrition professionals in private practice, hospitals and healthcare facilities, government agencies, wellness centers, publishers, food services, and corporations. Reliability, accuracy, ease of use, and reasonable cost are the hallmarks of The Nutrition Company's software.



On October 7, 2022, The Nutrition Company closed permanently ending more than 43 years of service to the professional and academic nutrition community. We thank our many thousands of loyal users whom we have had the pleasure to serve over the years. Scroll down or click here for more information.
On October 7, 2022, The Nutrition Company closed permanently. The following is a list of impacts that have occured due to this closure:


FoodWorks licenses will no longer be available for purchase. Registered holders of those licenses will be able to continue using FoodWorks indefinitely after the closure. Licenses cannot be resold, as the software will remain the intellectual property of the Nutrition Company owner.  Please see "License Registration issues" below for more information.


FoodWorks will no longer be updated. FoodWorks 18 will be the final edition.


Downloads of FoodWorks will not be available.


Technical support will no longer be available after closure.  It will, however, remain a viable software solution well into the future. FoodWorks includes the database editor that allows you to update data about foods you frequently use as well as add foods to the database.

Please click here to see tips for keeping your FoodWorks software running well into the future.


This website will remain active temporarily after closure so that information about the closure and the software (FAQ and technical info) will be available to current users.


All Nutrition Company telephone numbers will be terminated with the exception of 908-876-5580 which will respond with a closure message until at least the end of 2024. Voicemail will be terminated after closure. Email sent to nutrico@mindspring.com will be no longer be monitored. Postal mail will no longer be processed.


After closure, registered users who need to install FoodWorks on a new computer will be able to do so by using their CD or their backup copy of the downloaded installation file (FW18download.exe). Downloads of FoodWorks may be available to registered users at a fee for a limited time after closure by emailing a request with your license serial number to nutrico@mindspring.com. When a new installation of FoodWorks is run for the first time, enter your license serial number when prompted and then enter key code 8765309 in place of the number in the box on the Registration Reminder window. YOU MUST HAVE ADMINISTRATOR RIGHTS ON THE COMPUTER to enter these numbers, or have started FoodWorks by right-clicking its icon and choosing "Run as administrator" from the sub-menu that appears. Errors (especially an error 75) indicate that you are not running under administrator rights. See your IT department for assistance with rights issues. Support will no longer be available for any FoodWorks installation issues after closure.


You can find your serial number by opening the Help menu on the FoodWorks main control panel and then choosing About FoodWorks. Or, just click on the “chili pepper” icon at the left of the FoodWorks Main Control Panel.  The serial number is also found in your download confirmation email below the receipt.  If you received your FoodWorks by mail, the serial number is found inside the CD case on a white label below the CD.  If you have an older version of FoodWorks that was packaged in a box, the serial number is found on a white label on the bottom of the box and on the flap of the CD envelope.