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PRICING (All prices are quoted in US Dollars)

There are three primary levels of license for FoodWorks:

Basic License (All users begin by purchasing this minimum basic license):
A basic license to use FoodWorks on a single computer is priced at $199.95 plus applicable shipping charges (see Delivery, below).

Limited Additional Computer License:
ADD this type of license to your Basic License if you plan to install FoodWorks on more than one computer at the same site (physical address). The license fee is $50.00 for each additional computer (thus, the fee for 2 additional computers would be $100.00). There are no additional shipment charges associated with Limited Additional Computer Licenses.

Unlimited Site License:
ADD this type of license to your Basic License if you plan to install FoodWorks on more than 6 computers or on a network server. The Unlimited Site License fee is $300.00. Limited Additional Computer Licenses count as credits toward an Unlimited Site License. When six Limited Additional Computer Licenses have been purchased (equal to $300.00), either all at once or in increments over time, your license automatically will become an Unlimited Site License. There are no additional shipment charges associated with Unlimited Site Licenses.


Multiple Locations:

An unlimited site license allows you to install FoodWorks on any computer or server at your site - that is, your physical address.  If your site has satellite locations within the same municipality, they may be regarded as part of your site.  However, if you have offices in other municipalities state-wide or nationally, those are separate sites and require their own licenses.  This is a common circumstance and The Nutrition Company has discount policies that allow for reduced licensing rates for multiple-site installations.  Contact us for information about how we can save your organization even more by customizing a multiple-site FoodWorks license specifically for your needs.

FoodWorks is normally delivered via download directly to your computer for no shipping charge.  FoodWorks can also be delivered by physical shipment in CD-ROM format to any destination worldwide for a shipping fee of just $10.00. Note that this delivery fee applies ONLY to your first (Basic) FoodWorks license. To learn more about FoodWorks delivery options, click here. To contact The Nutrition Company, click the Contact Us tab at the top of this page.


Do you need a quote?  Simply send an email to nutrico@mindspring.com and tell us how many computers you need to install FoodWorks on at your location, or at multiple locations.  You will receive a reply email with complete pricing for your particular purchase.  If you have multiple locations, tell us if the locations are in the same city or not, and how many computers are needed at each location.  We can customize a quote to cover all the locations you need.


Never pay to renew your license!

All FoodWorks licenses are permanent.  They never need to be renewed.  There are no annual fees and no subscriptions payable. Support is included in your license fee. There is no fee for transferring a license from a retired computer to a new computer. Upgrade fees (as applicable at the time the upgrade is purchased) cover all licensed computers (you purchase one upgrade per license, not one upgrade per computer).



Student Discounts:
Student discounts are available with your valid student ID and school name or other proof of current enrollment. The student discount is currently 15% ($169.95) for the Single-computer License. Licenses purchased under a student discount are non-transferable.


Please note that the student discount may vary if your university requires you to purchase FoodWorks as a class tool.  Be sure to include your university's name when contacting The Nutrition Company.

Trade-up Discounts:
If you are currently using a full featured nutrient assessment tool other than FoodWorks, you qualify for the FoodWorks upgrade discount. The trade-up discount is currently 15% ($169.95) for the Basic License. Contact The Nutrition Company to see if the nutrient analysis software you are currently using qualifies you for a trade-up discount.

Discounts are subject to change or discontinuance without notice and cannot be combined.


Delivery Options explained:


Receive FoodWorks by download: This is our standard delivery method.  It is available to all FoodWorks purchasers, and is particularly useful for purchasers outside of the United States. There is no delivery charge for downloads.  If you request this service, your FoodWorks software will be posted to a commercial file transfer web site. You will then be provided via email with a receipt, a download link, and detailed instructions to access and download your software. Downloaded software includes a file set for creating a backup or for burning your own FoodWorks CD-ROM. If you wish to use this service, please advise Customer Service when you place your order that you would like to receive your FoodWorks software via download and provide the email address to which the download link should be sent.

Nutrition Company downloads are powered by Hightail.com.


Receive FoodWorks by physical shipment: FoodWorks can be shipped on a CD-ROM to any destination worldwide for $10.00. FoodWorks is shipped by First Class Mail within the USA and by Air Post to locations outside the USA. Expedited shipping is available at additional cost. US Post office Express Mail service is $25.00 within the USA, while courier delivery to any location (UPS or FedEx) is charged at actual cost plus $2.00.  If you are ordering from a location outside of the U.S. or if you need your FoodWorks software quickly, we strongly recommend purchasing a download rather than paying extra for shipment of a CD.  The Nutrition Company is not responsible for delays or additional fees and duties imposed by Customs services on CDs delivered outside of the U.S.

PLEASE NOTE: Physical shipment charges are non-refundable.